January 4, 2019

Monorepos: Please don’t! / VFS for Git / Sourcegrpah

Monorepos: Please don’t!


The author says that do not use a monorepo to solve problems that a polyrepo (multiple-repository solution) has. Because, at scale, a monorepo does not solve these problems. At the same time, it rather causes other problems. A monorepo tends to encourage tight coupling and make open-sourcing difficult. There is no reason to struggle with VCS-scalability in vain to use a huge monorepo.

VFS for Git


VFS stands for Virtual File System. VFSForGit (a.k.a. GVFS) provides virtual file system and tools that enable Git to stay productive even in mammoth repositories such as the Windows operating system, which clocks in at roughly 300GB and 3.5 million files. VFSForGit only downloads git-objects that are needed and only considers the files that the user has accessed.



Sourcegraph is a free, OSS and self-hosted tool that helps developers find, review understand and debug code. You can explore public repositories on GitHub, GitLab and so on without installing the tool. There are also browser extensions that work on these repositories and provide some of the features such as IDE-like hovers, go-to-definition, and find-references. Furthermore, you can deploy the official Docker image that they provide and run it anywhere. As an aside, this tool uses GraphQL for web API.

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