December 5, 2018

Concurrency Is Not Parallelism / Quora User Data Compromised

Concurrency Is Not Parallelism (2013)

In this video, Rob Pike explains the differences between concurrency and parallelism. Concurrency is the composition of independent executing processes. Parallelism is the simultaneous execution of multiple things. In other words, concurrency is about dealing with a lot of things at once and parallelism is doing a lot of things at once. Concurrency is not parallelism but enables parallelism.

Communicating Sequential Processes

The paper by Tony Hoare introduced in above video.

Quora Security Update

On November 30, they discovered that some user data was compromised by a third party who gained unauthorized access to one of their systems. Approximately 100 million users are affected by this breach. They believe that they have already identified the root cause of the incident. They are continuing the investigation to gain a full understanding of the incident.

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