November 19, 2018

Build Your Own Shell using Rust / monorepo-tools

Build Your Own Shell using Rust

A tutorial on building a shell using Rust. The tutorial starts with the simplest interactive CLI application that runs a command from the input. And then implement supporting multiple commands, handling arguments, implement well-known-built-in commands (such as cd), error handling and pipes. The tutorial does not deal with TTY (PTY) but it is a good starting point for people who are learning Rust or aspiring to develop a new shell.

shopsys/monorepo-tools (First commit: Feb 10 2018)

Tools for building monorepo. This tool offers a tool to build a monorepo from multiple repositories preserving their git history. imports multiple repositories into one repository by calling imports a repository history changing all paths in git index with git filter-branch. Thanks to that, you can show the history of each file with git log -p [path] even after migration to the monorepo.

(c) Hibariya Lerche 2018

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